Hello world!

March 27, 2010

Leaving some sort of sign of your presence is an urge as old as civilization. There’s graffiti in Pompeii that simply says “Aufidius was here.  Goodbye” (V.3.9 (House of Cosmus and Epidia; right of the door); 6702:) .

Reading through the site, it really points out how little people have changed in 2000 years:

VII.2.18 (vicolo del Panattiere, House of the Vibii, Merchants); 3131: Figulus loves Idaia

VII.9 (Eumachia Building, via della Abbondanza); 2048: Secundus likes to screw boys.

While Figulus, Idaia, and Secundus didn’t go to my high-school, I am sure we’ve all seen similar sentiments carved in to wooden desks (or scrawled on toilet walls if you went to a less traditionally equipped school than I did).

So, this blog is my own little scratching on the walls of the Internet. I hope to be interesting enough that at least I am not bored by it. I’m not going to try to focus on any one subject, my philosophical positions are probably not going to be consistent, and my sense of humour (and spelling) is going to vary as I see fit. But as long as I am not boring, everything is going to be fine.